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BEHR® and KILZ® Products

Behr's high quality products deliver performance and beauty

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Products by Category

Interior Paint & Primer

Find out more about Behr's interior paint & primers.
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Exterior Paint & Primer

Learn about our exterior paint & primer brands, including our latest addition, MARQUEE®.
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Wood Stains, Finishes, Strippers & Cleaners

Enhanced beauty and advanced protection for all your home's wood surfaces.
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Floor Coatings, Sealers & Prep

Advanced protection and enhanced beauty for your home's toughest surfaces.
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Specialty Paints

Get a tough, beautiful finish for you home's toughest surfaces.
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MSDS and Tech Data Sheets

Get safety and technical data for your products.
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Products by Trade

There's an old saying in the paint and projects world that goes, "if you've seen one job, you've seen one job."
As a pro you know how true that is. Every project demands something a little different. That's why BEHR® offers more than 400 products to help you meet every demand, and your specific need.
Learn more about the BEHR quality & value story.

Professional Painters

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Property Managers

Engineered to protect your property and your bottom line.
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General Contractors

Formulated to help you get more done with less effort.
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