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2014 Color Trends

We’ve taken a slightly different approach to representing our trends this year. Rather than simply show one execution of the palette, we feature two rooms featuring the palette colors used in a completely different way. Our goal is to help showcase the flexibility of color so it can be used it to customize one’s own living space. This year’s trend themes are: SEASIDE HARMONY – fresh pastels and relaxing ocean hues evoke a beach retreat, URBAN ALTERNATIVE – earthy colors update a chic loft look, GRAND REIGN – opulent jewel tones are inspired by historic formal estates, and NATURAL AVOCATION – greens and vivid accents keep the natural sciences in mind.


The most tranquil of our four trend themes was inspired by the colors of the coastline: sea glass greens, warm white beach sand, and the peaches and soft blues of the ocean sky at sunset. The style is a fusion of streamlined modern and casual elements, softened with tarnished metals, waxed woods and cotton knits.

A cool aqua blue, called Ocean Liner, is the main wall color in the dining room. Sky Blue accents window alcoves, and Miami Peach colors the ceiling. The warm off white, Miami Weiss, adorns the trim in both dining and living room.

The ambiance of the living room feels inviting, relaxed and breezy, using South Peach on the walls and Sky Blue on the ceiling. The deeper blue and green colors of Ocean Liner and Edgewater are used as accents on the throws, pillows and artwork.


Urban Alternative incorporates reclaimed woods, oxidized metal and contemporary furnishings for an updated industrial look. Inspired by the revival of home crafts and back-to-basic ingenuity, the colors are earthbound and weathered. Deep spice tones in burnt orange and dark olive, mixed with chalky browns of aged woods, and raw, unfiltered whites. The result is a palette that is both flexible and functional.

A hip and inventive loft-style kitchen uses dark olive, Boho, on the walls and as an accent. The darkened burnt orange of Hipsterfication is on the lower cabinets. Coffee Bar, a grayed brown, is applied to accent cupboard doors, island and counter top.

The dining room takes a modern-eclectic approach using natural woods, grasses and metals. Offbeat white creates a focal point on the fireplace wall. Coffee Bar is painted inside the shelves and on the trim. Film Fest, a dusty taupe, is the main wall color. Hipsterfication and Boho are the accent colors found on vases and decorative objects.


The popular movies and television shows have revived interest in historic design from the late 19th and early 20th century. The result is a stately and opulent rendering, as traditional rooms and luscious jewel tones in ruby, topaz, sapphire and tourmaline make an appearance once again. These elegant rooms are fitting stages for romance and drama.

The study feels masculine and theatrical. Imperial Jewel is a luxurious burgundy adorning the upper walls, while the dark gold, Coronation, resides below the chair rail. Grand Soirée is a creamy white framing the trim on the ceiling, windows and fireplace. Cloisonne Blue and Minuet Rose bring touches of charm into the décor.

The bedroom is like a fairy tale dream. Reflective surfaces and glittering wall sconces set the tone for romance. Wall panels are painted the silky colonial blue, Cloisonne Blue, while soothing Minuet Rose is on the ceiling and back dressing area. Grand Soirée is the light trim color, shared between the two rooms. Coronation highlights wall panel detailing. The bedding features contrasting lighter and darker shades with an accent of Imperial Jewel.


The curiosities of science drive this trend—from celestial events to geological wonders. Stars, planets, birds and insects give us glittering bright colors from the heavens, while shadowy jungle green and baked earth brown feel a little closer to home. The design style is a relaxed approach to traditional décor.

The study accessorizes with relics and antiques, and the furnishings have a casual interpretation of traditional structure. Arboretum is the lush, forest green on the background walls. Artisan is a light neutral painted on the bookcases to keep the room from feeling too dark. Bright notes of color are found in the shelving’s curious collections, in the red and yellow accents of Amaryllis and Sunday Afternoon.

The sitting room features a bright yellow called Sunday Afternoon on the walls. New Shoot captures one’s attention as a vivid green end table accent piece. Arboretum green trims the mantle fireplace. Amaryllis red accents this room as well, helping tie the rooms together. We’ve borrowed the light color Soirée from the Grand Reign theme for the trim.